Random number generation

Cellular Automata

Evolving CA RNGs (in French) + Diploma
Moshe Sipper - a number of relevant papers
Marco Tomassi - a number of papers
Cellular Automata for Weighted Random Pattern Generation - abstract
Cellular Automata Laboratory + Manual
Lotus Artificial Life cellular automata links page

Parallel hardware

Random Number Generators for Parallel Computers
Parallel random number generators - contents
Parallel Random Number Generators - an introduction

Evolving RNGs

ALEA - Evolving CA RNGs (in French) + Diploma
Matthieu Perrenoud and his pretty 2D automaton

Tests for randomness

ENT - A Pseudorandom Number Sequence Test Program
Diehard - a battery of tests for random number generators developed by George Marsaglia
DiehardC - with documentation (FTP site)
Tests for Random Number Generators - by Bob Jenkins
Testing Pseudorandom Number Generators - by John-Peter Lund
Chi-square source code
Details of the workings of a number of popular tests
Two simple tests in Java, one by Wend T, the other by Elliotte Rusty Harold
NIST test suite
FIPS tests
Implementations of FIPS140-1 and DRAFT FIPS140-2 - executables and source (in Forth)
FIPS140-1 and DRAFT FIPS140-2 - C source
fips140.c< - source code for FIPS tests

Random number generation

P-Lab - a Server on the Theory and Practice of Random Number Generation

Random number generation - researcher's pages and links
Random number generators - introduction with links - by Michael Hennecke
Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo methods
An Implementation of Efficient Pseudo-Random Functions - by Michael Langberg
Random Number Generation (Luc Devroye) - papers available
Various links - to Quasi-Monte Carlo, Number Theory and Combinatorics
Links - Quasi-Monte Carlo Method, Low Discrepancy Sequence, Random Number Generation
Valuation of derivative securities - using Quasi-Random Monte Carlo methods
Random Number Generation and Monte Carlo Methods - a book by James E. Gentle, Springer-Verlag , 1998
Random Numbers on the Web
Scalable Parallel Random Number Generators Library - for Parallel Monte Carlo Computations
Random Number Generation on Parallel Computer Systems - a (grant) proposal by C. A. Stoner and P. Coddington
"The Random Numbers Home Page" - The HSCE Guide to RNGs
Reversibility and random numbers
Random Number Generator Library
RFC 1750
protegrity - a secure RNG?
Using and Creating Cryptographic-Quality Random Numbers
Online resources for collecting and processing crypto-strength randomness - David Wagner


Mersenne Twister Home Page - A random number generator, four times faster than rand()
The Blum, Shub & Smale model - a weak version
FIPS rngs

Attacking RNGs

Yarrow PRNG (Counterpane)
Yarrow paper (Counterpane)
attacking PRNGs (Counterpane)
`Lattice Reduction: a Toolbox for the Cryptanalyst' by Antoine Joux and Jacques Stern, - analysis of LCGs


Gregory Chaitin - home page
Karl Entacher
Simon Y. Foo
Terry Ritter

Hardware random number generators

Hardware random number generators - by Robert Davies

Hardware random number generation devices

HotBits - genuine random numbers, generated by radioactive decay
Orb - (Open Random Bit) generator - by A. Peter Allan
Lavarand - at SGI
Don Davis using disk-drive air turbulence
SG100 - hardware implementation of a random number generator - by Protego
Z5000 TRNG
Tundra RBG1210 random bit generator
Lavarand -folks at SGI with too much time on their hands


Entropy on the WWW - Chris Hillman


RngPack a random number generator for Java
Fast Java imlementation of the Mersenne Twister
Java imlementation of the Mersenne Twister - part of the free 'Colt' library
Test The Randomness of a Random Number Generator - in Java
Random Number Test - in Java
JavaTM Cryptography Architecture - API Specification & Reference
Project Netrand - Java internet random number generator
Generates "cryptographically secure random numbers" - by tracking mouse movements and seeding the SecureRandom() method with the results
Distribution Graphing Applets for RNGs
Design and 'test' your own random number generator - simple Java applet
Making random numbers - with Java diagrams...
A graphical illustration of the problems with using LCGs


Sun Redefines Randomness - how not to write a random number generator
Cryptonomicon - Neal Stephenson
Counterpane - security and cyphers
Scramdisk - encrypt your hard drive
LUC's RNG page


Randomness links
Our quasi-random number links
Our cryptography links
Our cryptanalysis links
Our prime number links

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